Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hwaseong Fortress Festival

 Nan, my chilbo teacher, told me about a parade today so Rocketman and I made sure we got there for it.  She had a table in front of her shopping selling chilbo along with the other shop owners.  There was also a part of the street where students were selling their old things.  It was really cute to hear them yell for you to look at their wares.
 She was selling a cute pin that was made by the girl on the far left.  It was only 500WON which is less then 50 cents US so I bought it.  They were excited and so was I.

 These girls really wanted me to buy something so I bought this hanji piece for 1000WON (80 cents USD).  They were surprised that I knew it was hanji.
 While I was talking to these boys who spoke English very well, a film crew came and videotaped the whole encounter.  Suwon has it's own television station and I wonder when it will air.
 They also had hanji which looked pretty familiar.

And that is when my hanji teacher came over to me.  She met Rocketman and said that he was very handsome in English.
 It was heaven for me with all the crafts I saw.  You could make something in about every booth for only a few dollars.

 They also had kites you could buy and fly in the square.  It was so beautiful to see all the kites in the sky.
 But I found more intriguing was watching the kids...
 along with their parents.  There were a lot of kites flying and I was wondering how they didn't get all tangled up.  Some did but everyone was helpful when that happened.
 I saw this mother with her twins trying so hard to get their kite in the air.  It took a few tries and finally the kite soared.

 She was trying to keep the kite from getting tangled.
 Then it was back for some more crafts.  They had everything and I enjoyed seeing all the creativity.
 This is also a form of hanji where they use the paper to make characters.

All these flowers were made of paper but had electric lights in the center.  They were really beautiful when lit up.

I also took some video of the kids selling.

As we were leaving, I saw this dad with his two kids and it touched my heart.  There were many scenes like this one and I loved to see how happy the children were spending a day with their parents.

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