Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shopping for a Purse in Seoul

We had been in South Korea for a week when it was time to hit Seoul for a little shopping trip. I needed a bigger purse to hold my chilbo handouts. Dongdaemum is the perfect place to find thousands of purses sold by individual vendors.

Each building has a floor where you will find the purses. It can be overwhelming with row after row of purses. But I finally found a purse I really liked but I continued to look to make sure that it was the one.

We returned to the booth to find no vendor. It was really hot in the building and with winter coats it made it worse. The vendor never showed up. We tried to ask a lady working a booth across from ours and she refused to help us. We waited about 15 minutes and we even used his phone and redialed the last number. Someone answered and we told them we wanted to buy something.

This was the purse I had to have. I was going to wait all day if it took that long well not really but I really liked this purse.

Rocketman was snapping away with his camera while I was growing more and more frustrated.

I asked Rocketman, "How about this one too?" He said, "No, just one is fine." Finally, Rocketman went to another booth and this guy was really helpful. He found the phone number of our vendor guy and called him. He came running a few minutes later and said he gave me a special price. I left happy with a good price on my new purse.


  1. OMG it's like a Costco-sized TJMaxx!! I'm getting lightheaded just looking at all those purses, lol!

  2. So many choices. I don't know how you picked just one!

  3. How do you ever decide? Sometimes, too many choices is not a good thing. Glad there was a happy ending.


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