Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bojagi (Korean Sewing) - Class #2

KJ, my teacher, brought me this Japanese tool for bojagi.  It is very similar to a bone folder only with a sharp tip.  She uses it to score the fabric which creates a fold line.  I was surprised how well it worked.
This is my homework.  Next week I will begin a bojagi project.  I have a lot of homework.

Today at yoga we spent about 20 minutes jumping around and continually moving our bodies.  Most of the songs are catchy Korean songs but then all of the sudden Ricky Martin's "Living La Vita Loca" came on.  It was great.  Then I hear "WHEN THE HELL DID YOU GET HERE! LET'S GO!" and a Korean song began.  The yoga instructor even turned on the disco lights.  But it was tiring because this is only a portion of our workout.

At the end, we lined up and patted each other's back. Choi knows not to hit too hard but then we turned around and it was one of my favorite halmoni (grandmother) was going to hit my back.  She hit me twice so hard that it took my breath away and I stumbled.  I had never been hit that hard in my life.  I yelled out and moved out of the line.  She laughed and I'm sure thought I was a wimp.  I was almost in tears it stung so bad.  She gestured for me to get back in line and she continued with the excercise gently.  When we are done, we gently massage the person and give them a little whack on the back. 

I bet you can imagine the whack she gave me.  It was as hard as the first ones.  I looked at her with shock and sadness.  She realized she had done something wrong.  These Americans aren't built to stand what an 80 year old Korean halmoni can.  She came over and hugged me.  My back hurt all day.


  1. I've got a sudden urge to go shopping for notions in a foreign country :)

  2. I can't believe that halmoni did that to you.... :(


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