Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class #5

This week's chilbo lesson was working with sterling silver. Nan decided to take some pictures of me working. The Koreans are always feeding me but I don't mind!

This is delicate work.

But look what came out of the kiln! Nan is going with me to my first maedeup class tomorrow. I'm not sure where to get off the bus and she really was worried about that so I'm going to her place which is on the way and she is going to ride with me to the maedeup shop.
I had a strange experience on a bus when we first moved here. I was sitting in a seat listening to my IPod when an ajosshi entered the bus and sat behind me. All of the sudden I could tell someone was gently feeling my hair. It would tug slightly when the bus driver slammed on the brakes which was often. I sat forward more and it continued. The ajosshi was the only one behind me. I never looked back because honestly, I was really creeped out. Luckily, I only had to deal with this for 3 to 4 stops.
I guess he was curious about my Western hair. Maybe I shouldn't have put those blond streaks in it right before we came. Too late now.

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