Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Korean Chasu (Embroidery) and Bojagi - Class #3

 This week's homework is to fill in the leaves with two different shades of green.  It is a tedious process and when I get into a hurry, the chasu looks horrible so I have to remember to take my time.  My teacher, SJ, told me that it is difficult to learn and will take time.

I didn't quite finish all my homework for chasu this week.  So I have to finish filling in the clouds (at least I think that's what they are) and continue with the leaves.  The leaves were made by SJ and I need to make a lot more to fill in the trees.
I so excited that I get to start my first bojagi project.  First I had to decide the color scheme by playing with the satin squares to decide how I wanted the piece to look.  This is what I decided on with the help of SJ.  My homework is to handsew each horizontal row together and next week she will teach me how to pin the rows so that I can handsew the final sections.  I've done a lot of quilting but this is different than anything I've ever done before.
Somehow I forgot to blog about the big emergency I had last Thursday.  This is a picture of our intercom in our apartment.  It buzzes like a doorbell when someone is at the entrance of our building.  I can see who it is and then press a button that will open the door and let them in.  It will also show me who is at my door if they hit the doorbell.  I can also talk to the managment office by pressing a button but I've never had to do that.

Two weekends ago, all of the sudden when the doorbell rang, the intercom did not show any picture.  I was still able to buzz my girlfriend up and I forgot about it.  Then on Wednesday night when Rocketman entered the apartment, an alarm sounded from the intercom.  It was so loud that I'm sure our neighbors heard.  Rocketman was able to figure out how to turn it off and we forgot about it.

The next morning, Rocketman opened the door to leave at 6:30am and the alarm went off again.  He ran and turned it off and tried to leave again only to have the alarm go off again.  He woke me up and told me that problem.  I had him go to work and told him I would call our relocation agency to get help.

I was waiting for the relocation agency to open when the alarm went off without me opening the door.  This time, the magic button Rocketman pressed did not work.  The alarm was blaring and I called Jennifer from our relocation agency and told her the problem.  She called the management agency for the apartment building and they were sending someone up right away.  While waiting for help, the crazy intercom decided to call the management office sporatically.  I would hear "yeobosayo " and a bunch of Korean.  I told them in English that I wasn't calling them.  This just kept going on.

In the meantime, my cleaning lady came and she does speak some English.  She wondered why I hadn't let her in the building and she got in somehow.  She came in and heard the alarm and figured out what was happening.  The building maintenance guy came and was able to turn off the alarm. He shook his head from side to side alot and I called Jennifer to see what was going on.

Turns out that we needed a repairman from the intercom manufacturer.  Somehow Jennifer got him to drop everything and come right away.  He was there in 10 minutes.  He took it apart and ended up putting a new part in it.  I paid 25,000WON ($25US) for the part and the labor.  How wonderful is that!  I can't get a repairman in the States to come out for less than $100 plus parts.

I was pretty stressed through the whole ordeal and my cleaning lady was so worried about me she would come up to me and hug me periodically during the fiasco.  She also told me she loved me a lot.  It was really sweet.  We found an envelope with 25,000WON  in our mailbox the next day from the owners of our apartment.  They told Jennifer that they were so sorry that it had happened and they felt really bad. 

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