Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Day!

Hannah stayed overnight and we ran lots of errands today. First stop was a visit to Costco. We hadn't been to Costco yet and we loaded up on food. I was sadden to learn that they didn't have sour cream. It was the only place in South Korea where I could find it. Bummer. We also had hotdogs for lunch and again watched the Korean phenomenom called "onion, mustard, ketchup sidedish." The Koreans load their plates with a huge pile of onions and add mustard and sometimes ketchup to it. We tried to get some photos on the sly.

 This lady only used onions and mustard.
Here is how it looks before they mix it together.

Don't know why some photos refuse to appear correctly.  But this is a Korean eye chart.  Hannah and I went to get eye exams.  I thought my prescription had changed and she thought she needed glasses.  First we went to an eye doctor.  Eye doctors here do not sell glasses.  You go there and get your prescription and then go to a store that sells glasses.
Hannah getting an eye exam.
Another Korean eye chart.
At the end, the eye doctor told us we both had really dry eyes and she wanted to put drops in my eyes.  I didn't want them but Hannah did.  The put drops in her eyes and then she sat, with her eyes closed while this machine put a red light on her face.

She asked and they said it was an infared light which dries your eyes and kills bateria.  My sister is an optomotrist and I'm not sure she has ever seen anything like this.
Then we were hungry, so why not go to one of Suwon's famous galbi (grilled beef) restaurants.
Can you ever have too much kimchi?
The side dishes before the meat came.  Hannah went back to Seoul and we came home tired.  Tomorrow, Rocketman is visiting a retinal specialist in Seoul.  It should be interesting.

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  1. I'm thinking that's the costco version of kimchi! You know the Koreans love their side dishes! I'm they have relish??


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