Sunday, March 6, 2011

Garbage Picking in South Korea

It didn't take long for me to start garbage picking here at our apartment complex. The day we moved in was a flurry of activity. So many Bongo trucks moving tennants in and out. I had never seen it like this. I also noticed that the garbage areas will filled with unwanted junk or treasures in my case. I picked up this basket.

I also picked this up. Rocketman is going to translate it for me but the first two lines start out with "love." He liked it too although he has never been a big fan of garbage picking. It was something I used to do with my sisters when we were young and my mom still has some of our "finds" decorating my old home.

I also picked this up. It's in Chinese characters and Rocketman is going to try and translate it. He knows Korean, Japanese and Chinese. It was huge, four feet long and I'm not sure how I'm going to hang it.

Today Rocketman is taking his first set of classes with the infamous Michael Hurt. We were both so excited. He's going to learn so much about photo taking and he will be doing it with a live Korean supermodel. The class is every Sunday from 12-3.

Tomorrow I finish up my furniture shopping with Jeff. We also need to pick up a few transformers now that our U.S. things our here.


  1. The first line is something like "become a couple that knows how to give love and knows how to receive love," then it talks about being together through good times and bad (kind of a "for richer or for poorer" sort of thing), and then the last line says "clasp hands when courage is lost." It's nice.

    On the hanja one, I know the first character (with Mr. Penguin!) is "loyalty" (the far right one, that is--with the signature stuff on the left I'm assuming this one goes from right to left). Looks like the next one is "filial." The last one is "home/family," though it's kind of sloppy. I couldn't figure out the third one, so I put "忠孝*家" into google to see if maybe it was a common phrase. "忠孝传家" comes up a lot. shows 传 as the simplified form of 傳, which looks like it could be the third one, if you use your imagination. (Again, it's rather sloppy.)'s translator renders 忠孝传家 as "loyalty to country." Google image search shows it on old coins and monuments and things.

  2. The Chinese one might be some one's family motto plaque. I would translate it as "passing loyalty and filial through generations". Literally the meaning of the characters are忠=loyalty, 孝=filial, 傳=propagate/passing on, 家=family/home.

    Traditionally this kind of thing is hung front and centre in the living room so every one will see it going in and out of the house.

    The characters looks different to the typed ones because the plaque is written in a special script. I thought it is actually very nicely done. You can tell who did it by looking closely at the red stamp marks at the top right and bottom left corners.

    Great finds!


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