Friday, March 18, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class #2

This week I got to pick up the coasters I made last week. My teacher had put a black trim around them. I had to coat them with a thin sealer that made them shiny. They turned out great. This week I made a tissue box. I had to leave it to dry and will finish it up next week.
Another Korean lady was there, the one that is 57 and she didn't not stop talking the entire time I was there. She got frustrated that I understood very little she was saying. She and my teacher were at the computer when I heard clearly in English out of the computer speakers "exhibition." I turned around and she was thrilled I understood.
My teacher speaks some English and told me that 57 (what I call her) was in a major exhibition. She showed me the booklet and I was blown away with her talent. I was working and tuning out her chatter when she got out of her seat and came over to me jabbering away. I said "ney" which is yes in Korean. She showed me that I was holding the Exacto knife incorrectly. I thanked her in Korean and got back to cutting the intricate pattern I was working on.
About five minutes later, I hear the computer voice say, "you stress." I looked at her and said "ney." She was thrilled that she could talk to me in English. She asked through the computer, "where husband" and I told her Thailand. My teacher helped to translate during our conversation.
I asked about her husband through my teacher. She told me her husband was dead. I had a stricken look and said, "I'm so sorry." She came over to me and said "me not sorry." My teacher said that now that he was gone, she had more time for hobbies. I forgot all the words I heard through that computer but it was the funniest thing I had happen to me in a long time.

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