Monday, October 31, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercraft)

 My days of no hanji homework ended last Thursday when I came home with this design for the front of my latest hanji project. I forgot to take a picture of the original homework but it was the white and black design stapled to three pieces of black hanji paper.  So I had to cut through a layer of four pieces of paper.  This pattern also kicked my butt.  It was really difficult with leaving just thin lines of design but it also was good practice for me.  I got it done this morning right before class.  I also have a ton of bojagi I'm working on.

When I got to class there was only me and one other student which is unusual.  She asked for my homework and I was wondering how this would look on my black drawers.  I saw how take each layer and glue them to a red piece of hanji paper.  I thought I would cut out the entire retangle and glue that to the front of each box but I should know better than to think it would be so easy.
The next step was to cut out about 1mm from the original pattern to make a shadow effect.  So I have a ton of homework since I have to do this individually on each of the three drawer fronts.  This is how far I got today.  I left a little after four because my fingers were killing me and I was really tired today for some reason.  I have class on Thursday again and I know I won't have them finished by then.

I was going to take a picture of the box with it all covered in the red hanji paper but although I did bring my camera, I forgot the memory card.  It was still in my computer. Better get back to my homework.


  1. Woo hoo! I figured out what to google to find some designs like this. 한지 문양. Awesome.

  2. omg I'm so thankful to HELENA for sharing how to find this pattern.. i've been searching like foreverrr. thank you so much! you are my saviour dear :')


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