Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 If you don't know what RAOK stands for, it's Random Acts of Kindness.  Rocketman came home last week with the monthly mail from our forwarder.  Inside with the usual bills and magazines was a mailer.  I didn't think I had ordered anything but I am forgetful at times. 

I opened the package to find that I had received a  RAOK bead from Kim Parsons.  She is a member of an internet board that I am also a member of.  I was shocked and delighted by the bead she made.  It's the most darling frog on a bead I have ever seen and I can't wait to design a jewelry piece with it.  Thank you Kim for your generosity.
It got me to think about all the RAOK that go on in my everyday life here in Korea.  Like yesterday, I was making my way to the elevator just as the doors closed.  I sighed thinking I would have to wait for another elevator when they magically reopened.  As I entered the elevator, I was greeted by a smiling teenage Korean girl.  I thanked her in Korean to which she replied, "you're welcome" in English.  I thanked her again as I exited the elevator on our floor.

There have also been numerous times when I'm standing on a bus daydreaming only to have an ajumma tap me on the shoulder to let me know that a seat had become available.  Then the most surprising thing happened to Rocketman and me last weekend in Seoul.  We entered the subway and found a place to stand since all the seats were taken when a young Korean woman stood up and offered her place to Rocketman.  He immediately gave the space to me (isn't he wonderful) and a few stops later, the seat next to me opened up for him.

We figured the gal was getting off at the first stop but she stood near us until the eighth stop when we stood to get out and she retook her space.  We couldn't believe it.  It was incredibly considerate of her.  It meant the world to us and made us love this country even more, if that's possible.

I see RAOKs almost every day.  Every time a woman with a baby or young child enters the bus and there are no seats, one or more give up their seats for her.  It happens every time - not just sometimes.  There are also the halmonis (grandmothers) who smile at the babies or try to get them to laugh.  It's wonderful to see total strangers caring about each other.

Oh, I almost forgot.  That business card above is a RAOK that Rocketman finds every once in a while sitting on top of the urinals at the restaurants when he has a company dinner.  It's nice of the restaurant to provide informantion on obtaining those little blue pills if you need them.

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  1. Ha! I was going to ask what the Viagra add was for.

    I love the frog! So cute!


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