Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Korean Christmas Tree

 I just couldn't spend Christmas here in South Korea without a Christmas tree.  I found one at Home Plus for 12,000 WON ($10 USD) but it came with no decorations.  I bought a short string of lights which turned out to be more than the tree at 14,000 WON ($12 USD).  I also bought a string of red beads.  All the ornaments you see are actually cell phone charms.  They are a great way to decorate a small tree.
                                                       Here are some closeups of the tree.

        Most of the ornaments in this photo were from a store chain here in South Korea called Naughty Cat.

                                                                The tree topper.
     What's a Korean Christmas tree without some ddukbokki from the miniature shop where I take lessons.
                                                             A bottle of makkoli.
                                                            Korean  coin.
                                              Pororo which I bought from a craft show.
                                                                   Soju and a glass.
                                              This was from the Naughty Cat store.
                             Some maedeup and a miniature of the Korean 50,000 WON bill.

I had so much fun decorating this tree and all I had to do was dive into my stash of things I had bought over the year we have been in South Korea.  All the cellphone charms from the Naughty Cat were only 1000 WON each (.90 USD).

Rocketman is in Japan this week and I hope he likes it when he gets back on Saturday.


  1. Becky I need those adorable white bears too!
    Renee, your friend in White Bear Lake, MN

  2. I bought those when we first move back here in Dongdaemun. Next time I go, I'll check to see if they have them.


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