Friday, November 18, 2011

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex - My Favorite Place in the World to Shop for Crafts

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex also sells finished products.  I bought these earrings and they were only 5000 WON ($4.40 USD). 
               I just can't get enough!  I bought these chasu pieces to use in my bojagi projects.
 Chain, chain, chain...  The chain guy has hundreds of spools of chain to choose from.  The prices are on the side of the spool and are by the meter. 

                                            I also loaded up on cell phone charms.

I was also going to pick up some satin from my favorite satin guy.  I had his namecard with his booth number and when I got to his booth, I was shocked to find the booth totally empty.  No satin and no satin guy.  I had been going to his booth since 2007. 

I noticed that there was a new satin vendor across from where my satin guy was but there was no one in the booth.  I waited for a few minutes to see if anyone would come but no one did and I left.  Booth vendors come and go in the complex but my satin guy had been there for such a long time and I had hoped he would be there forever.


  1. I love reading about your crafting and shopping sprees.
    keep posting please!

  2. I've never been to Dongdaemun Shopping Complex, but I'll have to check it out this weekend! Great post! :-)


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