Monday, November 14, 2011

A Beautiful Saturday in Insadong

I wanted to pick up a few things in Insadong because Insadong is where all the main hanji vendors are.  I wanted to start stocking up because I intend to continue with hanji after we move back home.  Besides being labeled the "artsy" part of Seoul, it is also a fantastic place for people watching, especially on a gorgeous Saturday.  We spotted these backpacks as we entered the main street of Insadong.

But on the bus ride into Seoul, Rocketman spotted an ajosshi in a suit sporting these wild tennis shoes.
I don't know if the hanger was intended to be part of the sign but it made sense to us.
                    I love all the cute socks you can find all over Korea, I just wish they came in my size.

    I have no idea what punfication means but I was afraid to find out.  This was a sign at a shop selling tea.
See the music box store?  It was filled with beautiful ceramic music boxes.  You could pick out the design, the winder and the music.  When I saw they had Kim Bum Soo's "Bogoshipda," I knew I had to have one.  It took about 20 minutes for them to assemble, so we continued shopping and came back for it.  They wrapped it so well that I didn't want to unwrap it for a picture so you'll have to wait until next year to see it.
Since Pepero Day was just the day before, they still had a place where you could make and decorate your own pepero.

                                                           Lots of graffiti to see.

There also was a miniature shop and I swear the display food looked just like it was made in the shop where I take miniature class.  They didn't allow pictures inside but these were on the walls on the outside of the shop.

                                        Here is a closer look at making your own pepero.
                      It was wonderful to see this dad with his kids.  He was very patient with them.
                I wanted to buy one of these but Rocketman, who had a horrible cold, was done shopping.
                             You can usually find this guy with is handpainted fans.

                                        Here are his samples and he paints to order.
                          It's kimchi making time.  We saw this outside one of the restaurants in Insadong.

Cute salt and pepper shakers.
I liked how this shop owner used glasses to display their items.
               There was also a lot of posing and picture taking going on.  You see a lot of that in Insadong.

I love this one with all the Korean servicemen.
                             You also see things I have never seen back in Minnesota.
    Or from an episode of "What Not To Wear."  I'm just kidding.  I have no idea what is fashionable right now.
 I thought Rocketman should be wearing a mask too, with all the coughing he was doing.  But before you start feeling bad for him, it was HE who wanted to go to Seoul for the day.  He tends to go stir crazy in the apartment even if he is sick.
I will end the picture part of the post with this cutie patootie.

I also managed to get some video of the ice cream vendor.  I had never seen him before and he
 was soooo entertaining:

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