Sunday, November 27, 2011

Korean Miniature Class - Tol (Korean First Birthday Celebration)

 I had a special miniature class where we made a tol (Korean First Birthday).  It was a recreation of how they would have done a tol in the olden days.  Korean first birthdays are still celebrated in a big way and we have been lucky enough to go to quite a few.

I was really sick last Friday when the day long class was held.  It was the first full day of my cold and I had two episodes during class where I could not stop coughing to the point I was losing my breath.  The cure is lots of water and it worked after a few minutes but it was darn embarassing.

I was told the class was until 5 pm but when 5 came and went, I asked the teacher how much longer.  She was a new teacher to me and spoke really good English.  She said about 40 minutes.  I waited a while longer and called Rocketman to pick me up on his way home from work.  But when he arrived we were no where near finished.

The teacher saw how tired and ill I was and she offered to come in after my other class the following Thursday to finish everything up.  I couldn't believe how generous she was and I took her up on her generous offer and packed my things and left.

These pictures are of the finished project.  My teacher came in about 2 pm and my class ended up finishing around 4pm.  We started right on it and finished at 6 pm.  I asked her how long class went after I left and she said it everyone finished at 8:30 pm.  I would have been toast by then.
 These are the choices a child from the old days would have to chose from.  These days I have seen things like a mouse (gamer) and a microphone (singer).

 I am beyond thrilled at how it turned out and that I made it all.  It was a ton of work but I will have this forever.
 Here is an idea of how it all started.  When I say I made everything that included even building the case.
                                                 These are the parts to the hanji lamp.
 We glued a piece of hanji paper to one board and a piece of vinyl to the other.  Then we glued them together.
                                                       I painted the hanji lamp pieces black.
                                             I glued hanji paper to the hanji lamp frames.
                                                 Then they were cut out and glued together.
I also had a lot of food to make.
                                                 Here is myself and my teacher.  I was so excited!!!

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