Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miniature Korea Food Class - Fruits!

 This month's miniature food class is all about fruit.  It is the third in the "Master's" series.  It is more expensive than the regular classes and we leave exhausted.  For this series there was only one other student, so I've really gotten to know her pretty well.  She speaks a little English and seens to understand me very well.

Her name is Nan-Young just like my chilbo teacher.  She just got back from a vacation in the U.S.  They spent it on the west coast and stayed in San Francisco (my suggestion), Los Angeles and San Diego.  They even went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  When she was planning the trip originally, they were going to go to Florida too.  She had no idea how far it was from Los Angeles and they were only going to be in the States for a week.  She was very happy with my recommendations.  They also LOVED San Francisco.
 Back to miniature class, the owner had a new display she had just completed.  Isn't it amazing?  She also sold it as a kit for 25,000 WON ( $23.00 USD).
 I was early for class so I took some pictures of some of their other miniature food that they had on display.

 Then class started and we made all kinds of things.  This photo is lemon and tomato slices, and the logs on the right will be more lemon slices.
                                                                 These are bananas.
                                                         How cool do these tomato slices look?
                                         Then we even made our own silicone molds.
I saw this during lunch and couldn't wait to buy it.  It was only 10,000 WON ($9 USD).  Our next class on November 24th.  But I signed up for an additional class, the Korean Tol (First Birthday).  Nan-Young is also taking the class which will be on November 20th.  Rocketman doesn't like it when I have classes on the weekends but it happens so rarely that I'm sure he won't mind.
Rocketman called me at class to let me know that he had an unexpected company dinner tonight so I didn't have to worry about rushing home to make dinner.  I stopped across the street from our apartment building to pick this up for dinner at Paris Baguette.  I LOVE that I can just walk a short distance to the grocery store, bakery and restaurants.  I only ate two of the four sandwiches but I'm sure Rocketman will finish them off when he gets home tonight.

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  1. the miniature food is amazing :) and all your workshops look really fantastic :)


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