Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class - Tiger-rific!

 I loved the tiger medicine box I had made for my son so I decided I wanted to make some tigers for myself.
                              I am going to class twice a week now to get these puppies done. 
I also did a little shopping and Nan-Young threw in the bottom pin for free for my mom!  Don't tell her.  She never has time for my blog anyways.  What do they do all day, these parents of mine?

Rocketman had a 6 am teleconferencc and one at 10 am with the U.S. so he worked at home all day.  I was gone all afternoon so he had nothing but peace and quiet.  He was also supposed to go to Japan on Sunday for the week but that has been postponed.

Also, I found a place in Seoul that is offering Thanksgiving dinner for 35,000 WON ($30 USD) per person.  It is taking place on November 26th from 1-3 pm and you can click here to get all the details.  I've been craving turkey and it's hard to find here in Korea.  You have to make reservations and they are only taking 40 so if you want to eat turkey dinner with Rocketman (and me), here's your chance. We'll be there at 1.

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