Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bojagi (Korean quilting)

 I finished my homework for bojagi for the first time in a long time.  I'm still working on finishing the green bojagi.  I need to add the borders and finish the ends.
           This is what it looked like the end of classtime.  It's a lot of handstitching but it goes pretty fast.
This is how far I got at the end of today.  We will also be putting a backing on it and I'm not sure if it will have a border.

After class I went to the post office to mail some things and I was shocked at how busy it was.  I chose my two boxes and started getting everything into each box.  There was an ajosshi there who was keeping an eye on us and also helping us.  I had a box of things for the grandkids like colored pencils and all kinds of little things.  It took awhile to get the paperwork filled out but I had mailed things lots of times so I didn't anticipate any problems.

The number right before mine came up and nobody went to the counter.  She waited a long time looking at her computer and finally pressed the button for my number.  By then, I just wanted to get out of there.  The first package was to my daughter which contained the toys.  I had just listed kids' toys in the paperwork and a value. 

She wanted me to list each thing individually and the price.  First, there wasn't enough room with only three lines and second, I couldn't remember how much everything was.  I told her I didn't know in Korean and she kept insisting until I just said, "annio" which is no in Korean.  I had never had this happen before and then had seen everything I had put into the box.

She finallly mumbled something and let it go the way I had written it.  I have one more trip to the post office with Christmas gifts for the family but now I'm worried.  Hopefully, it will go smoothly.  They all know me there but the girl that waited on me was someone I hadn't seen before.  Maybe next time, the old staff will be back.

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