Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

 This week in hanji class I covered the drawers inside and out with hanji paper.  I decided to go with the bright turquoise paper because I had never seen anyone use it in class.  My teacher has all her hanji paper in a pile on a shelf and I've always loved the color.
 My teacher picked the inside color.  It took me until 4 pm. to complete the drawers and my teacher wondered if I wanted to continue.  She had been hearing me cough most of the day and my voice also sounded bad.  I cut class short and decided to head home.  I had a long week ahead of me.
 I wanted to buy two of the boxes she had made using satin scraps but she made these for me and she wouldn't let me pay her for them.
She also gave this wall hanging to me.  I had given her a bunch of maedeup cording that I couldn't use for the more complicated maedeup knots.  She came up with this idea on her own using these large cardboard rolls that someone had thrown out.

I have only been going to hanji once a week because of additional chilbo classes and miniature classes.  That should end this week and I'll try to get to hanji and least twice a week.  I love going and I have a blast listening to all the conversations even though I can understand only a little.

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