Monday, October 17, 2011

The 5th Gumha Chilbo(Korean Enameling) Exhibition

I participated in the 5th Gumha Chilbo Exhibition in Seoul last week.  Wednesday was opening night at 5 pm and Metal Guy graciously drove us to Insadong where the exhibition was taking place.  Do you see my work on this invitation?
It took us about 1 1/2 hours to drive from Suwon to Insadong and the traffic was crazy with Metal Guy keeping a hand firmly on the horn.  I was sitting in the front seat covering my eyes most of the time.
When we got there, someone was videotaping the artists and Nan Young, my chilbo teacher, had to say a few words about her work.
                                                     So did my other chilbo classmate.

I figured I would be off the hook but the videographer wanted me to talk about my medicine boxes in English. 
Here are Nan's two pieces.
                                   Metal Guy refused to give an interview.  He's very shy.
                                     Young-Soo showed up late but it was great to see her.
                                                             There were lots of eye candy.

Guess who made these snails for a fellow artist?  Yep, Metal Guy.  They are sooo cute.  He's going to make me some too.

 They also had food but it was mostly dduk (rice cakes) and I have to be careful.  I've almost choked before on dduk.

 Then it was time for pictures.  These are the important attenders.  They also took a group picture of all of us.
                                    Here's our little group representing Suwon.  I really adore these people!

 Afterwards, we were told there was a restaurant offering free dinners to all the artists.  We never found it and after wandering forever, I told everyone I would pay and lets find a place to eat.  We went into two different restaurants where I had gotten my not-easy-to-get-off sandals removed only to be told by Nan that we were going somewhere else.  I finally found out that they were trying to find a cheap place.  I finally got through to them that I DIDN"T CARE!  They then found a place quickly and even ordering food was an ordeal.

They were looking at things that were 5000-6000 WON so I pointed to the 20,000-30,000 WON items shaking my head "yes."  We finally agreed on the food to order.

                                                     And the food came and kept coming!
 They ordered this kimchi soup because they know I love kimchi.  I had never had a white kimchi soup and it was delicious.

                                  We had a ton of food and everyone ate their fill.

                       These are pictures of the aftermath.  You see we didn't leave too much.
All this came to only 59,000WON($55 USD) for the five of us.  I expected to pay a lot more and was willing to do so.  We had a great time.

I also came home with my nametag and five copies of the exhibition book.  My bojagi teacher told me today she went to the exhibition on Sunday and heard many people comment that they couldn't believe a foreigner had made what I had made in Korea.  It made my day!

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