Thursday, October 6, 2011

Korean Miniatures - Rice Cakes and Fish

 This is what we are making this session of Korean miniature foods class.  I also found out that they are offering a new class in November, Korean Tol (First Birthday Celebration).  I am so excited and if you are wondering what that will involve, you can go here to see a sampling of the food I will be making.  Coincindently, we have a tol that we will be attending in a couple of weeks and you know how much I adore babies. 
 Back to this class, the first thing we made was a fish.  This started with a ball of clay that we shaped into the fish.
             Then came four coats of paint in varying shades to get just the right look.
                                    Then we used a knife to cut out the stomach.
 The rest of the class was all about dduk which is Korean for rice cakes.  They come in all sorts of shapes of and sizes.  We made some of the most popular kind.

 This is pumpkin that will be sliced up and used in one of the dduk.
This is the dduk I came home with.  Next Thursday is my next class.  Rocketman is at his third dentist visit and this one is for two hours.  He won't be home till late and he has a teleconference with the U.S. at 10:00pm.

Tomorrow I have hanji class than Nan wants me at her place to attend the big festival that is going on.  I can't wait!

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