Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival Parade

 I was thrilled that we were able to be in Korea for the Hwaseong Cultural Festival which included a parade that started on our street.
 We weren't sure exactly where it started but the last time we had lived here, it started at the Sports Center across the street from our apartment complex.
 We waited at the corner and found all sorts of activities.  Parade of the ajummas.
 This little one bored out of her mind.  The parade was suppose to start at 1 pm but it started about an hour late.

                          Some car owners really didn't want to listen or obey the police.
 We also saw what I call Korean's version of Moses.  I have no idea who this guy is but I've seen him several times around our apartment building always wearing the same outfit but carrying the same stick.
 We figured out that the parade route had changed and it started right in front of our apartment building.

 I never knew BP was not only into petroleum but horseflesh as well.  You learn something new every day.

                                                               What a nice big sister.

At the end of the parade was a bunch of foreigners.  I had never seen so many foreigners here in Suwon ever.  There sure weren't many of us in 2007 when we first moved to Suwon but boy have things changed.
The parade was much shorter than previous years but still a lot of fun.  I got separated from Rocketman and ended up with some ajosshis that were feeling no pain.  One brave ajosshi came up to me and asked me in English if I was Russian.  In Korea, that generally means he's asking if I'm a prostitute.  I told him in Korean that I was an American.  He decided to hang out with me anyway.

Here is some video I shot of the parade.  You can see in a lot of the video that my ajosshi friend and his buddies were having a great time at the parade.

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