Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day of Appointments

 Rocketman decided to take the day off to visit the dentist and to get a flu shot.  I also needed a flu shot and I had an appointment with my dermatologist.  Rocketman had texted Jennifer, one of our Korean friends, to call the dentist first thing when he opened at 10 to see if he could get an appointment today.  Rocketman has had a sore tooth for some time and I told him he didn't want to wait until he woke up in pain and with a swollen face to finally address it.

So he went with me to the dermatologist which is close to the dentist we had used when we lived in Korea the first time.  While we were there he got a call from Jennifer saying that the dentist was booked but to go anyway.  Koreans rarely make appointments so that is no big deal.  He went over while I waited for my appointment at the dermatologist. 

About 15 minutes later I get a text from him saying he was in a chair and getting numbed up.  He was going to have one or two root canals and one or two crowns.  What!!!  I also needed to go to the bank so he said to go to the bank and meet him at home.

We got home about the same time and all the dentist had done was grind his molar flat.  In the U.S., they have also left a nub where they could glue the crown.  He didn't have a root canal, that was it and the cost was 56,000 WON ($50 USD).  He will need to go back a total of 4-5 times.  He has another appointment for late in the day tomorrow.

They told him he would be pretty sore when the novocaine wore off and boy, were they right.  By then we were in a taxi on our way to a hospital in Suwon to get flu shots.  Rocketman's company offered discounted shots but we had to go to a specific hospital.  We found it with a little help and made our way to the counter.  Rocketman had his company nurse on the line to explain everything and that helped a lot.  We got the forms filled properly and  then we were taken to a doctor who spoke English and who asked the usual questions.  She also took our temperatures.

We then were guided to this plush waiting room you see above.  I wish we had waiting rooms like this.  It was so comfortable.  It was also pretty quiet. We waited a few minutes and then a nurse appeared calling my name.

 She led me into this tiny room, too small for even a chair and gave me the shot.  Rocketman followed.  We then found a Dunkin Donuts because that always helps when you have a sore tooth, right?  We then caught a taxi back to our apartment.  All told, we were home by 3 pm.
 Rocketman was in a lot of pain and took a little nap.  He also took some Tylenol.  My original dinner plans took too long to prepare at this rate so we ordered some delivery, "Mexican Chicken."  It's sweet and tangy and delicious.
 We also had some of Hellena's mother's white kimchi which was delicious.  She had sent it to us all the way from Busan.  I never knew you could mail kimchi but it arrived in perfect condition.  Tomorrow I have bojagi and chasu class in the morning and chilbo in the afternoon.  It's going to be a busy day.

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