Sunday, October 16, 2011

Winning and Free Stuff in Korea!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I went on a tour of Seoul sponsored by the Korean Tourism Organization.  You can read about all the fun things we did here, here and here.  We were told that two bloggers would be chosen to win a special first and second place prize.

I was shocked and excited to find out that I won first prize.  It was a 100,000 WON Korea Pass.  I had no idea what a Korea Pass was but I was so happy to have won.  When I received my prize, I found that a Korea Pass is basically a prepaid credit card that you can use just about anywhere in Korea.  You can find out all about it here.  We had a lot of problems using our U.S. credit cards when we first moved here and were waiting to open our bank accounts.  When you visit Korea this is a great option instead of carrying around cash.

                               It also came with this book which had all the major cities in Korea. 
                                    It included maps of every city and many areas of Seoul.
               The best part was that it had a TON of coupons in the back for many cities in Korea.

 Have I told you lately that I love Home Plus?  I think Target Corporation should take notice of how Home Plus treats it's loyal customers.  Korea is the land of "point cards."  We have point cards for just about everywhere including Home Plus.  Hannah showed me how she has all her point cards on her IPhone and just has to bring the card up and show it to the clerk.

Rocketman and I were doing our weekly shopping last week and as the clerk handed me my receipt and cards, she also handed me a cloth shopping bag, FREE.  I smiled all the way home.  This week, when the clerk handed me my receipt and cards, she told in Korean to go to the service counter.  I had been told this before so I knew what she meant.  Rocketman didn't mind waiting so we went to the counter and took a number and waited.

When my number came up, I gave her my receipt and my Home Plus Point Card and she gave me this shopping cart, FREE!  She also gave me a second shopping bag like I had received the week before.  I'm still smiling and it happened yesterday!
 We also went to Suwon Station to find where they had moved a bookstore we loved to go to.  It wasn't easy to find but we did and bought a few things.  After paying, the clerk gave us the bag of goodies you see above, FREE!
Now, these tennis shoes have nothing really to do with this post but to let you know what young men are wearing these days.  I see them in all sorts of bright colors.  I love them!

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