Monday, October 24, 2011

Hanji - New Project

                       Here is my next hanji project.  The colors I've chose are red and black.
                         Here is how it started.  Isn't it amazing what all these pieces turn into?
                   First I started with the legs.  I had to fold the four pieces in half and glue them.
                                           Clips were added to keep the sides together.
 It's that time of the year for the warm chestnuts.  They are so sweet and being served warm are just perfect for a chilly Fall day in South Korea.
                                    Next I glued the three drawers together.
                                             Here are two of the completed.
                     These pieces were placed inside the front and the back of each box for reinforcement.
            These three pieces make the top.  I glued one on top of the other.  The ends were curved first.

 This is a photo of the bottom after I glued on the legs.  I also glued some reinforcement in each corner for added strength.

Next the top was glued on and weights were placed on it to keep the pieces glued tightly together. 
My favorite hanji lady came in with some paintings she had done.  I can't believe how talented she is.  She is leaving this week for a visit with her only daughter who lives in China.  She'll be back November 5th.

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