Saturday, January 5, 2013

Have You Ever Bought Yourself A Christmas Gift?

Even though I live within an hour of the Mall of America, I rarely go there.  But when Sister 2 called and had some errands out there way, I jumped at the chance to go.  I'd never been there during the Christmas season and I was excited to see the decorations.
One of my favorite stores, thanks to Wendy, is Local Charm which is filled with jewelry made by  artists.  Heaven.  The last time were were there together she was telling me of an artist that used metal from Korean war planes to create jewelry.  She had already purchased a few pieces and I loved them.  I was see what they had available. 
But when we arrived, we were told he was all sold out.  Apparently, we are not the only ones in love with his jewelry and it goes quite quickly.  So on this trip, it was THE place I wanted to hit.  We were not disappointed.
Score!!!  I bought these earrings.  They come with a picture of the plane.
I also couldn't pass up this necklace.  Since the metal is aluminum, it is very lightweight. 
The artist, Jerry Moran, calls himself "an ordinary guy" to which I object.  His work leaves me breathless and digging in my purse for my credit card.  He has a website which shows his latest designs and also offers ordering information.
Local Charm delicately wrapped my purchases and placed them in a beautiful bag.  I added a tag and placed the bag with other Christmas presents.  Rocketman was surprised that I had did that because it's something I never do but he loved the jewelry also especially after hearing what material is used in creating the jewelry. 
Jerry Moran, he's my type of repurposer and I look forward to adding to my collection.



  1. I saw a bojagi wrapping news article on Arirang Today that I thought you might like to see,

  2. Thanks for sharing! I miss Arirang a lot.

  3. I subscribe to their youtube channels, arirangworld, Music180Arirang, arirangnews, arirangtoday and arirangkorean which has lessons to learn Korean on it.


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