Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Memories...Like the Corner of My Mind...

I am still in my scrapbooking mode and I really can't believe things that I have saved over the decades. I'm so grateful I did because I have these wonderful memories to fill my scrapbooks with.  This is from my very first appearance on HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show. The photo above is of designated your changing room.  You usually shared it with a couple of guests.
This was from my producer, Holly, regarding my very first appearance.  I was doing two segments: a business interview and making a polymer clay sock monkey. You would get this in a mail packet from your producer along with instructions on where the hotel was and directions to the studio.  Holly is still a dear friend to me after all these years and she was the best producer.

This is the "pitch" to the HGTV Network.  It was a synopsis of the segments.  I managed to keep a few of these from some of my segments.

I also was able to get my hands of some of the scripts from my segments.  I wish I had the scripts from all of my segments.  This was for Carol and the staff.  The guests didn't use scripts.  I always felt like I was showing Carol how to make whatever it was at the time and I blocked everything else out like the 50 people watching everything I was doing.  If I had stopped to really think about that, I would have been a nervous wreck.  But Carol made me forget everything that was going on around us.  She is amazing and she taught me so much.

Back to reality and today our postman shoved this box into our mailbox to the point I could not get it out.  I took this picture from our front porch.  And yes, we have a lot of snow although half of it has already melted but don't worry there is more coming tonight, Friday and again on Monday.
Rocketman to the rescue!  I let him know ahead of time that I had a box stuck in the mailbox and he tried from the car to get the box out to no avail.  He pulled the car forward, got out and was able to rip the box out of our mailbox. 
This is what the box looked like when we got it inside. I've just been so frustrated with our postal carriers.  We had a great one for probably 10 years until they changed the routes.  It's been bad for a few years now.  We were getting our mail anywhere from 5 pm to 7 pm and let me tell you, it's not fun going out at night in the winter to get the mail.
Then a few months ago, the mail started coming at 11 am.  Hallelujah!!!  It was wonderful!  But alas, it wasn't meant to last.  We are now averaging mail delivery after 6pm.  Oh well.

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