Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Lights, Camera, Action!  This is what my living room looks like right now. And no, it normally doesn't look like that. I had the bright idea a few month ago to offer on-line videos of Korean maedeup knots. I am going to demonstrate through video the first ten knots. They are they simplest to learn and I found that I learned the knots much quicker by watching a video. I will also share many tips from my maedeup teacher, Su-Mi. I will also share some stories of Korea too. They always seem to sneak into my life.

I thought we would have begun by now but little did I know all that is involved in video production and putting out the best video I can. Rocketman has been studying for months and buying equipment. He is now testing the equipment and I anticipate we should start taping in January. Still with all that is involved, I don't think the class will be finished until Summer and maybe Fall. But we are having fun with it.

I have been busy knitting baby blankets for the twin girls that my friend, Hellena, is expecting the end of January. I got the bright idea to make two totally different blankets but as I finished the one and started the second, I realized the Hellena would love identical pink blankets. So I ordered more yarn and will be knitting like a crazy lady until they are done.

We are ready for Christmas tomorrow with our daughter's family coming over including our three grandboys. Christmas is so much more fun with little ones. We are also having a rare green Christmas here in Minnesota. The last was in 2011 but we spent that Christmas in Korea. I spent all day cooking a bunch of things to snack on Christmas Day.

Christmas will also be held in our family room because of the situation in our living room. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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