Saturday, June 6, 2015

Minneapolis Institute of Arts - Part One

Friday was a beautiful day here in Minnesota and Rocketman took the day off. The perfect excuse for an adventure. We had never visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art and we thought it was high time we went. The building is huge and the price was perfect - FREE!
                    The first thing we saw in front of the entrance was a sculpture called "Eros."
This is "Eros." Rocketman had brought his camera backpack which turned out to be a no no. A nice young lady informed us that backpacks were not allowed inside the building and that we could check it, which we did.

The big exhibition was a work from Rafael called "The Madonna of the Pinks." We made our way immediately over to the painting. I was shocked at how tiny it was, about 15" x 12". I was studying how amazing it was when Rocketman brought a finger too close and was told by a very nice lady to step back. I kept a close eye on him after that:)
The first section we toured was work done by employees and also a display of antique banks. I took a lot of photos so you have been warned.


I love dollhouses and this one was amazing.

                                   Back to the bank collection and works by employees.

Then we made our way to the Asian section. The Chinese, Japanese and Indian sections were very large and the Korean section was tiny in comparison. I'd love to change that.


                                                        Can you believe this is a coffin?

                                                              I love scroll paintings.

                                             A couple of the few things in the Korea section.

                                                                End of the Korea section.
                                               Rocketman loved these cricket boxes from China.

                                                         Now that's one cool helmet.

 Then we entered the Native America section. As we walked around, a little boy kept telling his mom, "This place really creeps me out Mom," to which she mostly ignored.

                                               I've always been in love with all things turquoise.

                                                                              More to come.

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