Friday, August 7, 2015

New Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Project

I stepped away from all the quilting I've been doing the last few months and pulled out a hanji project. I had bought these forms in Korea during our visit last year and I was eager to get started on them. I love how the forms come looking like a puzzle. Rocketman does not love how heavy they are to carry in our suitcases. True story!

Out first came my Korean glues to protect my fingers from the Super glue which I use to glue the forms together.
Here are the drawers ready to go. 
Here is a video I did showing how I did the entire gluing for this hanji project:
Here is a photo of all the hanji paper cut out and ready to glue onto the forms. I have one form that I didn't cover in paper and I'm going to do a video on that so you can see how I apply the hanji paper. It's on my To Do list:) 
Here they are finished.

Rocketman is going under the knife Monday to remove two kidney stones residing in one of his kidneys. It should be quick and he will be under anesthesia during the procedure. Normally, they would wait for these to pass on their own but with trips to Asia looming, it was prudent to remove them. We know how Korea handles kidney stones which was horrific and we can't even imagine how China would handle them. The hardest part for Rocketman is not eating the day of surgery.

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