Monday, September 28, 2015

Shanghai Marriage Market

Rocketman spent the last two weeks in Shanghai for work. He's been going to China for 17 years and has seen many changes in the country. One new thing he saw while sightseeing was this sea of umbrellas in a park called People's Park which also hosts what is known as the Shanghai Marriage Market.
He asked a Chinese co-worker and was told that these are parents looking for spouses for their children. All pertinent information about their child is on these umbrellas for singles to check out and I suppose even the parents of other single children. I found more information on it here.
I found it fascinating.
                                                     He also did some people watching.
I'm not sure why they were sleeping in the park unless maybe a parent dragged them there in case someone from the umbrella ad was interested.

Rocketman also visited a museum and I'll post those photos soon.

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