Thursday, May 12, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 27 - Food and an Intriguing Purse Shop

We spent a lot of evenings in Seoul walking around. We had dinners with Hannah at all sorts of wonderful out of the way eateries. I don't know if I spent a lifetime in Korea I would ever be able to visit all the wonderful places to eat.
                  Near our AirBnB, there was this coffee shop and the name just made me laugh.
                                                               They also had a clever logo.
One night Hannah took us to a really old part of Seoul where the streets at night become lined with lots of street food. I had never seen anything like this.
We were early evening when we walked by and Hannah said that the places would be full of people in a few hours.
We had eaten dinner nearby at a place famous for chicken. It was fantastic and the owners loved having us there.

Every day as we made our way to the subway, we passed this purse shop. It was always filled with Chinese tourist and everyone left with a package. After encountering this I knew I just had to check it out.

The purses were all the same style but in different sizes and colors. They were very well made and all leather. I asked how much a purse was and was told 90,000 WON ($90 USD). I thought it would be a lot more so I bought one. The store clerk placed the purse I chose back on display and went into a back room to get a brand new one for me. She opened the package to show that it was the same purse I had picked. I was thrilled until I got back to the apartment and unpacked the purse.
I loved the purse but I also loved the tassel that all the displayed purses had so naturally I thought the purse came with a tassel. Wrong! I was so disappointed so I packaged up my newly bought purse and Rocketman went with me to see why it didn't come with a tassel.
The sales clerk was so nice.  She told us that the tassel was extra. So I asked how much thinking it couldn't be more than $20. It was $49,900WON ($49.90 USD). We both about choked. That was more than half the price of the purse. Yikes! I really liked the purse and with the tassel. Rocketman shrugged and said to get the tassel. So here is a photo of my purse. I still love it but I wish I would have known the tassel was extra I wouldn't have bought the purse.
The rest of our stay we saw a continued stream of Chinese tourists exiting this shop with purchases. Never fear, you don't have to travel all the way to Korea to own Kwani handbag, you can find them here.

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