Monday, August 17, 2009

Gifts from Afar

Curt was in Asia for business which included a stay at what was our home for two years, South Korea. He stayed at the Dormy in Suwon which is where we stayed while we waited the 5 weeks for our ocean shipment to arrive. He said it wasn't the same without me there.

He also got to see our Korean friends a few times and came home with a suitcase full of gifts. Hellena is a flight attendant working for Quatar Airlines based in Quatar. She had to leave while we were in the States for a visit last Christmas so I haven't seen her since December. She happened to be on vacation in Seoul when Curt was there. She gave me this beautiful perfume compact.

She also gave us a set of camels.

Their saddles open to a hidden compartment.

She also bought Curt this fancy bottle of cologne. It smells as good as it looks.

Next came gifts from Jennifer and Jeff. Do you know what's in these?

Name stamps (dojong in Korean) in each of our names. Curt's is on the left and mine is on the right.

The dojongs went together to make a heart.

Last but not least, this came from Hannah's nephew who has been learning origami for seven years and is unbelievably talented. I have a few other pieces of his that I will include in a future blog. This came in a clear display ready to hang on the wall.

Hannah also picked up some Korean stickers.

Somehow she was able to find the OST of the Korean drama Full House which aired in Korea in 2004. It stars Rain and the music from the drama was fantastic. I still don't know where she found this.

I had wanted some Korean stamps and she found some in Seoul.
She also enclosed this diary book with pictures from a Korean girl's group called Girls Generation.
I left treasured friends in South Korea and I am so thankful to the internet that we can still keep in touch through SKYPE and email but it isn't the same as dinner and coffee in Seoul. My heart aches for it at times.

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  1. So neat... I always wanted a chop with my name... that's so cool that they form a heart.

    Any idea what those stamps say???


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