Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lights! Camera! Action!

On Wednesday, I spent the morning filming a live segment on Showcase Minnesota. I was demoing a maedeup knot and also promoting my new book, "Elegant Knotted Jewelry." The show is live and I was told by my producer to arrive at 9:15 a.m.

Curt went with me to help out and take some pictures. We arrived at the KARE 11 studio at 9:00 and entered through the main entrance. They were expecting us and we had a production assistant show us to the green room.

This is a picture of the green room and it was actually a shade of green. We were the only ones there at the time.

Here is Curt waiting for my segment.

This is me. The PA came in a few times to see if we needed anything and I started to get a little worried when it was about 9:45 and I hadn't set anything up yet. It was then that I was asked to go into the studio to set up.
I just had some jewelry to put out and the steps to the bracelet I was going to make. I was asked to do some maedeup for the camera to use in the cold open. So I smiled and worked on one of the step outs of the bracelet

The host and hostess talk about current events in the first segment. The second segment was a cooking demonstration. The chef was making fish tacos and they smelled delicious.

I was surprised to find that the cameras did not have cameramen. They were all controlled remotely by one person.

I was the third segment and I did the segment with Corbin Seitz. She was wonderful to work with and really loved the maedeup. She came over to introduce herself shortly before my segment and to go over what we would do during the segment. She also told me that we had five minutes for the segment.

This is the exit that we took out of the building. This was my first experience with doing live television. I knew that if I made a mistake that I would have to just continue and make the best out of it. Luckily, it went really, really well. You can watch the segment here. There are also instructions for the bracelet that I made on the show.
While waiting for my segment, we got to sit on the part of the set where the KARE11 news team does the news. After my segment I packed up my stuff and we were escorted out of the building. I had forgotten to remove my mic and realized I still had it on as we walked to the car. My producer was coming out the door looking for us and the mic. We had a laugh about that.


  1. Becky, I could have sworn you were on a holiday live once... Is my brain THAT bad???

  2. No, you are right. I was on twice. I don't remember if they were live. I just remember the reruns.

  3. I just joined Crafter's Choice book club and got my first set of books today. The book Elegant Knotted Jewelry is featured in the jewelry and beading flier. It looks fascinating, and I had never heard of Maedeup, so I Googled the word. It led me to this site, and it was only after I read for a bit that I realized it's YOUR BOOK!!!! I will definitely be buying it.

  4. Wishcrafter: I had no idea my book was included in the book club. How cool!


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