Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Hole Story

While living in South Korea, a little friend came to live at our house, a woodpecker. He pecked a rather large hole in a post on our front porch and made himself at home. When I would go out to get the mail, he would fly out of the hole and wait on a nearby tree for me to return to the house.
Sometimes it would startle me when he flew out of the hole.
We have been home now for over a year and I've been asking Rocketman (a mechanical engineer by degree) to fill the hole. I told him that we need to do it in the fall when the woodpecker has gone south for the winter and he would always shake his head in agreement.
But now another fall is almost gone and the hole is still there. The problem is that Rocketman doesn't really know how to fix the hole. He's not a carpenter but an engineer. I thought that since he is an engineer he can fix anything. We'll see if he comes up with a solution.

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  1. I can tell you one way to fix the hole and you can easily do it. Cut a piece of wood (maybe 1/8" to 1/4" thick plywood)about the highest point and then long enough to slide in and then slide to left and right so it just catches inside the hole. You will want to nail a string to the small piece of wood so you have something to hold onto. You can put some strong adhesive on it so when you pull the string towards you, the glue will hold it. Then get some rock hard putty, (I have even used Apoxie Sculpt) or wood putty and fill it in just like you would patch sheetrock. Build it up and smooth it out. You can even sand Apoxie Sculpt. Allow to dry well. Seal it and paint it. No one will ever know and if you use Apoxie Sculpt, the poor woodpecker will have to go elsewhere to do his thing the next time around.
    Hope this helps.


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