Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Twin Cities Live Appearance !!!

I got a last minute email yesterday from Twin Cities Live to see if I had any Thanksgiving craft projects and if I would be available for today's show. Of course I said yes and quickly came up with a project which they loved. They asked for another and I was able to pull something together with my stash. So at 2:15pm I was at the studio ready to go.
This is their green room. I was the only one in it. They had a chef today and me.

I never knew their autograph wall was so old. I really need to look at it sometime.

Lights, camera, action!

These are the hosts, Elizabeth and John. They are the sweetest!

Here is what my segment look like. I demoed the turkey candy dishes and the polymer clay turkey refrigerator magnet. For some reason, I thought I had 10 minutes and was wondering how we would get this all done. But I found out that I had 5 minutes so I really had to hustle to get it to all fit.
It was a blast and I have so much fun. Here is the segment. The instructions for the projects are also on their site but I'll post them here too later in the week. I'm soooo busy right now.

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