Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hwanghak-Dong Flea Market

I had been wanted to explore the Hwanghak-Dong Flea Market for a long time.  I love flea markets and antique malls.  You can find out more about it here.  I had heard it was a ajosshi (older Korean man) hangout and that proved to be very accurate.  I was on the lookout for antiques and I did find a small shop but his prices (nothing was marked) were pretty high.  But Rocketman and I had a blast just walking around. 

Rocketman loves this.  They had turned old golf clubs into hiking sticks.  We've seen hiking sticks for as much as 125,000WON ($120 USD).

On a side street I found this little sitting area along with a needlepoint picture of Mary.  It looked so homey to me.

                                                         Lots of side streets to explore.

I wanted this so bad but in the antique shop, the kettle alone was over $100,000 WON ($80 USD).  But it was so darn cool.  Another problem was how to get it home since our ocean shipment had already left.

This was just a huge, long pile of junk but boy did it draw the crowds.  I finally got to the front only to be shoved out of the way.

Then we met Hannah for a delicious Chinese dinner.  It was a famous place and the food was really tasty.

We are still waiting on the status of our ocean shipment.  It was suppose to get to California on the 20th but we've heard nothing.  Hopefully, it will get here soon.

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  1. Very cool. A lot of those wares look priceless in terms of where they've been...

    That carved wall seems ancient too and if it is, there is no telling what all it has "seen" through the years.

    Thanks so much for sharing this adventure!


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