Friday, February 17, 2012

Rocketman to the Rescue!

My new vacuum cleaner arrived late Friday afternoon from Amazon.  I went with this model forsaking all the Hoovers I had bought over the years.  The one that just died was only a few years old and it was definitely not due to overuse.  I went to Amazon and looked at reviews which led me to the Shark. 
 This was my first vacuum bought online and was it a surprise when I opened the box to find pieces.  Lots of pieces. I was surprised and not too keen on reading the instructions to assembly this thing.  I just wanted to take it out of the box, plug it in and vacuum.

Luckily, Rocketman got home from work and although he too was surprised at all the pieces, he put it together for me pretty quickly.  Of course, I fed him dinner before this.
Here it is and boy does it vacuum.  It's a bagless system which seems to be what most are.  I just vacuumed around the family room and we couldn't believe all the cat hair it picked up.  WooHoo!

Friday, I also got to do some babysitting for the grandkids.  Rocketman went along for the ride and we picked up Ez at daycare.  He was afraid of me to begin with but he quickly warmed to us.

                                               Lunchtime and he was a great eater for Grandma.
Noah also had a half day at school so I went to pick him up while Grandpa babysat Ez.  It was a blast to be able to babysit again. 

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