Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for Rocketman, who has wrapped this "girly" Korean scarf to battle subzero temperatures to snow blow our driveway before work.  When I saw him come in last month with this scarf wrapped around his head after snow blowing our driveway, I laughed as I told him that it was a women's scarf that I had bought when we lived in Korea. 

He said it was the least "girly" scarf in our winter box filled of hats, scarves and gloves. So after he left for work I took the box down from the closet and dumped everything out onto the floor looking for the masculine scarves I just knew were in there.  I found two very thin, masculine dress scarves. They would not have kept the biting wind off of Rocketman's neck.
I immediately ordered some beautiful and soft merino yarn to knit Rocketman a warm and masculine scarf.  So next time we need to snow blow and Rocketman is home, you won't find any pompoms anywhere in sight.  But I'm thankful that until the scarf is done, he doesn't mind wearing pompoms when the need warrants.


  1. Pompoms are acceptable if they're on something that'll keep my neck warm! .. Rocketman


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