Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wisconsin Dells - 2013

Last weekend, Rocketman and I along with grandson, Noah, headed east to the Dells for a wet weekend at Chula Vista Resort to meet up with our daughter and the rest of her family.  Our room was huge (1500 sq. ft) with two large bedrooms and two bathrooms and a kitchen.  I brought a ton of food (too much for the short stay but one can never have TOO much food) and we only ate out one meal. 
It was wonderful to spend time with Laura and her family.  I grabbed my camera when I caught little Ezra doing this. 
Did I mention we had our own hot tub right in the living room?  How cool is that! I didn't bring the camera to the waterpark although many did.  I was worried with all the splashing it would get ruined.

Rocketman and I have been hitting the treadmill daily to keep in shape for our vacation back in South Korea in a few months.  Here we thought we were doing pretty good until the water park at Chula Vista.  We got home Sunday afternoon, barely able to unload the car(we sent all the extra food home with the kids) and were couch potatoes the rest of the the day.

Monday, we found ourselves still in the same boat.  Poor Rocketman had to return to work and I did manage to make dinner that day but that was about it.  We definitely need to kick it up a notch in order to manage all the stairs, walking and running that we do in South Korea. 

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  1. I'm so excited to read about your vacation to Korea soon. :))


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