Monday, December 16, 2013

Ikebana Class

Last Saturday I had an ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) class at my ikebana teacher's house. I hadn't been to her house for class since we went to Korea in 2011. She had done a big remodel and added a room with Japanese style window coverings. They reminded me so much of Korea and I want to be able to incorporate some type of Korean hanok style in our next home, if we ever move:)

She also had this beautiful ikebana in her entryway that she had made recently. It was breathtaking. The vase she bought in Japan.

Now the work began.  We used burning bush branches for the first time and they were really difficult to work with. The wood is very hard so it made trimming the branch challenging.
Next came the assistant branches. There was a green assistant branch for each burning bush branch. It was a type of holly.

 Class lasted 3 hours which was about an hour longer than usual but we had a blast and went home with some wonderful arrangements. 

                                   This one is mine. I bought the bowl at Target years ago.

My teacher lived in Japan for eight years and her house is as Japanese as mine is Korean. She took us upstairs to show us another ikebana she had made. It was the largest I had seen to date. It was so beautiful.

I'm busy this week making cookies and bars. Rocketman has a work luncheon on Thursday and he signed up to bring a dessert. I am sending one of my cookie assortment trays with him which makes Wednesday the deadline.

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