Thursday, March 27, 2014

Korean Bead Soup with the Help of Vonna

When we moved to South Korea, I began to collect (among other things) little charms which were reminders of our time there. They included the very first thing I noticed when we first arrived in Korea which was a maedeup (Korean knotted) key chain. I bought it and knew I was going to learn how to make these beautiful knots. I had a couple of hand painted bottle caps from Nabi Island and a few pieces of chilbo (Korean enameling) made by my teacher, Nan-Young.

Also there was copper mask that I bought at the Hope Market in Hongdae in Seoul and a couple charms from Dongdaemun. There was a charm of my beloved Hwaseong Fortress which was designed by metal guy and enameled by Nan-Young. And finally a wooden carving handmade by my body guard. Each piece is priceless to me for the many memoires they hold.

I knew I wanted to incorporate them into a bracelet but I was at a loss as to how. That's when I thought of my dear friend, Vonna. Her jewelry designs blow me away and I own several of her pieces. You can see her creations in her Etsy shop here.
I sent her everything you saw in the first picture and this is what was returned to me. I was in shock. It was amazing what she did with all those charms and I find myself staring at it and remembering so many wonderful things. Thank you Vonna for your talent and for being my friend. I'm very blessed.

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  1. I saw a episode of Arirang Prime (ep 230) on Arirang's culture youtube channel that I thought you might like. The third part is about hanji paper. You can see it here,


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