Friday, April 4, 2014

Crafting with Noah!

Noah had Spring Break so he spent a few days with us and of course, crafting was on the agenda. I had recently bought a book on peg dolls and we had fun making some. First we had to do a lot of painting.
                                             Then Noah added names to the sweet peas.
      We made some for the entire family.  I just need to stitch up the felt pea pod that they go into.
We also made some bumblebees which were also from the book. Noah kept three and he wants to give three to my sister who just became a beekeeper for the first time.
      Then I made these using some artificial flowers. Noah loved them and they went home with him.
This is the book and it's available on Amazon. I highly recommend it. We had a blast with it.
Of course, we got out the polymer clay. Noah wanted to make a Wii Controller. He designed it first on paper using crayons to color it. He made it entirely himself and he was so proud. I made a funny face. I made them both magnets for his refrigerator back home.

I cherish these moments with him because I know how fast time flies. He's going to be 8 next week already.

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