Monday, June 2, 2014

The Week Flew By

My dear friend, Lynn, invited us up to her place for a good old fashion barbecue.
Then Hannah also did a lot of cooking at our place. She LOVES to cook and who am I to deny her:)

                                                         This is kimbap she made for us.
We also visited my sister's place and she surprised Hannah with a pair of sunglasses. She was soooo excited.
     But we always managed to get home in time for Hannah to make us a delicious Korean dinner.
This is what my kitchen looked like all week and it smelled even better.
We shopped every single day. We hit the Outlet Mall, Mall of America, Maplewood Mall, multiple TJ Maxes, Burlington Coat Factory just to name a few. She would come home and take a picture of things she had bought for her sisters and brother. Louie had to get into the picture this time.
We ate out a lot too. This is Hannah and Rocketman in front of the Cheesecake Factory. Here is where we hit: Taco Bell, Donatellis, Noodles & Company, IHOP, Red Lobster, Twin Cities Grill, and the Olive Garden.
                        I learned a new way to open a bottle. A spoon, who would have thought!
We also had to pick up another suitcase because of all the shopping we were doing. It's a good thing we did because both were packed tight.
Hannah also managed to get both Rocketman and I addicted to yet another Korean drama. Luckily, "A Gentleman's Dignity" is on Netflix and we watched an episode or two every night and finished the drama last night. It was fantastic and we loved it but could someone please tell Korean drama writers to knock it off with the wrist grabbing of female characters by male characters. Hannah says Korean women love it but it bugs me, a lot.

We dropped Hannah off at the airport and ran into a problem with her reservation. She would miss her connection through Detroit and needed to find a new flight due to a delay with her plane that was coming from St. Louis. We were at the counter well over an hour. The Delta ticket agent had to call to find a solution even though she was staring at a computer screen. It was frustrating to say the least and Hannah ended up on a flight from MSP to Los Angeles, then she had a 7 hour layover until her flight to Incheon. She arrived Tuesday morning at 4:15 am and had to also work that day so I don't know how she fared. She arrived in Incheon today at 2:15 pm our time.

She said it was the best vacation she had ever had and as we watched her make her way through security tears filled my eyes. I miss her and Korea so very, very much. But I know we will return sometime.

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