Monday, May 26, 2014

Hannah in the House!

Hannah arrived safely from South Korea last Friday. Her suitcase was full of all kinds of Korean delights. She brought lots of Korean food.
And even more Korean things like a couple of hanji books, cute hand lotions, stickers for the grandkids...
                      She also brought lots of beautiful hanji paper which Hellena had bought for me.
                               Beautiful chasu (Korean embroidery) refrigerator magnets.
                                            Aren't these coffee cups - just too cute?
Hannah couldn't wait to get into our kitchen to cook for us. Here she is making a pajeon (vegetable pancake). She also made kimchi jeon too. That afternoon we went over to my friend Lynn's house for a barbecue. We had so much fun.
The next day she was so tired from jetlag and the time change that she slept until 4:30 pm. Our daughter and her family and our son came over to meet her but she slept through lunch and they had to leave. We'll make sure they meet her before she has to leave.  That night she made us budae jjigae (Army stew). 
       She also made an egg side dish.  Everything was so delicious. The next day the shopping began!

     Rocketman has taken the week off and he was happy to handle the carrying of the packages.
      This was the damage from the first day of shopping.  Tomorrow we head out to the Outlet Mall.
                                        This is what Hannah made for dinner tonight.
                                  Here are the side dishes.  We may NEVER let her go home:)

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