Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hi! My Name is Louie...

Hi everyone! My name is Louie and I'm addicted to the IPad. Mommy found this app from Friskies which has lots of fishes swimming around and my job is to get them. Ever time Mommy has the IPad I run and jump on her lap to play my game. She doesn't always let me, though.

Here's a video she took of me with MY IPad:

Becky here! Louie went to the vet today for the first time in two years. The last time was so traumatic to the both of us I skipped last year. He meowed his ugly, ticked off meow the entire way to the vet.
Then as we waited, he burrowed himself into my coat as much as he could. The reason I'm wearing a sweatshirt plus a jacket was that it was 45 degrees today. He was terrified.
Here he is waiting for the doctor. This was just a normal check up so I didn't anticipate any problems but I was very wrong. I had switched him to semi-wet food about two years ago because I had read somewhere that cats don't get enough water and wet food was better. If I gave him a small can of wet food, he would always throw it up but the semi-wet which you can buy in refrigerator units in my grocery stores worked great or so I thought.

I knew something was wrong when the vet started to look at his mouth and teeth. She was shaking her head and grimacing. Then she showed me that three teeth had broken off and he had several painful areas when pressed with a finger by the vet. She asked about his diet and informed me that he really needed some hard food too which would keep this from happening. He's was diagnosed with feline resorptive lesions.

Surgery is the only solution with a price tag of anywhere from $500 - $800. He is having the surgery next Tuesday and then we will introduce him to his new diet when he has recovered. He's worth every penny but just don't tell my mom that. She is still smarting from the $800 bill from his stump removal shortly after he came to live with us. She thought we were crazy to spend that kind of money for a rescue cat but he has paid us back a million fold. I'll let you know how it goes.

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