Monday, May 5, 2014

Maedeup Monday!

Spring has finally come to Minnesota!!We did have snow in May last year, yuck! Seeing our lawn finally green up got me into the mood to make some Korean jamjari (dragonflies). I made them a little different this time and added a bead to the center. I'm going to turn this into key chains and put them into my Etsy store.

We also went to Grandson Noah's birthday party on Saturday. Fourteen eight year olds with lots of fun going on from playing football to decorating pots.
               My daughter and her friend even made the birthday cake. I was truly impressed.
             Rocketman helped out with little Judah. It looks like Rocketman could use a nap too.
Little Ezra's got down the Korean squat. He was watching his daddy fill the pots with flower. After the party, we drove to Mystic Lake Casino to spend the nightwith my best friend and her family. We had no idea what we were doing but luckily my friend and her family were there to help us out. We had a fantastic time.

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