Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sumi-e Class with Susan Frame

 I had another sumi-e class with Susan Frame a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it. This time it was all about flowers which is one of my favorite things.

                                          These are tulips just in case you were wondering:)
This is an iris. I really, really need to practice more. She offers classes in her studio too but I haven't looked into them yet. She teaches about twice a year at the White Bear Center for the Arts which is just a five minute drive from my house.
Rocketman and I even went out on a date, something we haven't done in a long  time. I had seen Jim Gaffigan on Comedy Center last year and was blown away by his talent. He is also one of Rocketman's favorite comedians. I went online and found that he would be in Minneapolis in a few months so I ordered tickets.

He was worth every penny. We both have not laughed so hard and so much in a long time. If you get a chance to catch him on Comedy Central or in person, don't pass it up. Here's a video clip of Jim:

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