Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reversible Fitted Pack n Play Sheet

If you are a grandma, chances are that you have one of these in your home. We bought a Pack 'n Play when Noah was born to use when he would visit and needed a nap or when he would stay overnight. We also used it when little Ezra came along. It was and still is so handy when the babies visit and it's easy to pack away when they are not. It is also quite portable so it's great when traveling with babies.
But there has also been one problem with it and that is finding a sheet for the pad. I always just used a crib sheet but it never fit well and you can see how it looks.
I have some of the most creative and talented friends thanks to the industry in which I work. One of them is Gail Ritchey. I met Gail years ago and we became great friends. When I found out that she had solved my Pack 'n Play sheet dilemma, I was thrilled to see what she had created. She sent me one of her Reversible Play Yard Fitted Sheets to try out with our latest grandson, Judah.

The colors were so bright and I loved how soft it felt between my fingers. I also love that it is reversible.

 It was so easy to use. Just slip in the Pack 'n Play mattress and velcro it shut. It is a perfect fit. Then place the mattress into the Pack 'n Play and it's ready to go.
Here is a photo I shot of Judah with the crib sheet. He is not a happy boy.  I quickly removed him and gave him to Rocketman to hold while I changed the sheets.

                                                                    See how great it looks!

          And Judah loved it! Gail is selling them through her Etsy shop which you can find here.

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