Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Box From South Korea

It's always a good day when we get a box from South Korea. Hannah sent it along with some presents. She bought me some hanji paper knowing I can never have enough.
                                                                 This beautiful box.

                                                                             Yummy treats!
                              And a boyfriend pillow for when Rocketman is away for work.
She also sent this girlfriend pillow for Rocketman. He was speechless (and so was I). It is quite the conversation piece but alas he won't be using it as a pillow.

We usually visit Korea in the Spring during the cherry blossoms but as this Spring approached, I just didn't want to go so we didn't. I wasn't sure if it was because of what happened last year or something else. I just knew I didn't want to go at that time and it's a good thing I listened to my intuition.

Recently, Rocketman asked if we should go this Fall. I first didn't want to because I really love springtime in Korea and a trip in the Fall and then the following Spring seemed too close together from a financial standpoint so I continued to push back.  But I had to admit that I had a feeling we would be going and that's all it was, a feeling.

Then two weeks ago, Hannah tells us she is quitting her job in a few months and asks us to come to Korea. Hannah has never asked us to come but is always overjoyed to see us when she isn't working which is all the time. That was my first sign that maybe we really should go. Hannah would be taking a break from the job market and wanted to spent a lot of time with us which is something she had never been able to do.

The final sign was a Kakao Talk message from Hellena, our Korean friend who is a flight attendant. She told me she was quitting her job and getting married. She really, really wanted us to come over for the wedding. That did it! I didn't need any more signs, we were going to Korea. So now my days are looking at flights, hotel and lots of shopping. I have about 30 friends that I need to buy gifts for. I also need to make a list of what I need to buy.

We are so excited and also deciding where we want to visit. Last year, we were going to Jeonju, the home of hanji but had to cancel because of Rocketman's hospitalization. So we are planning on a few days there and I asked Hannah where else we should go that would be a good photo op for Rocketman.  Korea, you need to really stock up on kimchi!  I'm coming!!!!

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