Sunday, July 6, 2014

Catching Up on Craft Projects

I had bought a bunch of kits from Donna Downey to keep me busy when we moved back to South Korea in 2011. Little did I know that I would barely have time to cook dinner with all the Korean craft classes I ended up taking. I had hours and hours of homework every night so these kits never got made. When we returned home in 2012, they ended up on top of a cabinet in my craft room and forgotten until recently.

I spent the last few weeks reorganizing my craft room and found these kits unopened. I decided to put them together and be done with it. The dads have birthdays in August so I made two of the kits for each of  them. The one above is for Rocketman's dad.
                                                                This one is for my dad.
                           I even made one for myself featuring pictures of my grandparents.
I also had kits of tags to make. I was going to make these for all my friends in Korea. But again, time came and went and these were also forgotten.
Now they are finished and all ready for our next visit:) It felt good to get all these kits finished.

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